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Sisyphus, according to Homer, was king and founder of Corinth, or Ephyra as it was called in those times, who scorned the gods driven by passionate desire to outwit them. His crowning deception of the gods came close to his death, when Thanatos personally came to claim him for the underworld. Sisyphus pretened to be intrigued by the handcufs which Thanatos posssed, convincing the sprit to show him how they worked; Thanatos did so on himself. Thus Sisyphus had captured the spirt of death keeping him chained within his house for days, because of this the order of things was severely out of whack, soldiers could be hacked to bits but be back in camp for dinner. Hades, unimpressed with an empire that didn't expand, sent the god of war to free Thanatos and sent Sisyphus to the underworld for eternity. But the cunning Sisyphus had another trick up his sleeve. He conviced his wife to throw his body into a public square, thus he complained to Persephone that he hand't been given prop…